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Sports Betting for Beginners: Prop Bets

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Sports Betting: Prop Bets

There are hundreds of different prop bets that can be placed during the Super Bowl. To make sure you’re prepared to get in on the action, this sports betting guide will walk you through the most common types of prop bets and explain when it is advantageous to place a wager.

Understanding the Prop Bet

A prop bet is a wager that does not involve the outcome of the game, or a “side bet”. It is a prediction of something to happen during the game, such as the first team to score or the amount of points a certain player will score. Prop bets are a great way to bring variety into your sports betting activity. A bettor can also capitalize on prop bet odds because they are often not as accurate as full-game moneyline/spread odds. The most common prop bets are described below.

Team and Player Performance Props

Team and player props are easy to understand and most likely the easiest type of prop bet to predict. An example of a team performance prop is:

How many home runs will the Dodgers hit?

Over 1.5

Under 1.5

If the Dodgers are facing an ace pitcher such as Max Scherzer, you may want to take the under.

An example of a player performance prop is:

How many points will Trae Young score?

Over 28.5

Under 28.5

This can also be researched and predicted using recent performance and the opponent Trae Young is facing.

Yes/No Props

Yes/No props are very straightforward: Will the event happen during the game?

Example: Will Odell Beckham Jr. score a touchdown?

Yes +180

No -215

The “Yes” and “No” options will both have a moneyline value associated with them according to the likelihood of that outcome. In this case, I would risk $100 to win $180 if I bet on OBJ to score a touchdown.

Alternate Lines Props

Alternate lines props allow a bettor to wager on different spread values depending on the bettor’s confidence in a particular outcome. For example, say a wager on the Falcons to win can be taken at multiple spread values:

Falcons -2.5: -100

Falcons -5.5: +215

Falcons -8.5: +400

Falcons: -11.5: +625

If you feel confident that the Falcons will blowout their opponent, you can choose to bet on the -11.5 spread to increase your payout.

Now that you understand the different types of props, you’re ready to take your shot at $500 in the Action 247 Game of the Week. Free to enter, as always.

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